Daily Science Fact

 I enjoy learning about the World and Science. The more one learn's about the World around us the more amazing it is. I hope you learn something new from these Science Facts.

Daily Science Fact

Daily Science Facts

Daily Science Fact- What is a Sea Bunny?

Why Does Chocolate make us Happy?

How long does a fly live?

How long does it take on average to fall asleep?

How fast is a sneeze?

How long does it take to digest food?

Daily Science Fact: Can you touch a Poisonous Frog?

Daily Science Fact: Why are some insects brightly colored?

Who Invented the Electron Microscope?

Daily Science Fact-What is the most abundant protein in our body?

Daily Science Fact- Largest Living Structure on Earth

Daily Science Fact: Do all fish have scales?

Daily Science Fact-Hair Protein

Daily Science Fact: Which three elements make up all carbohydrates?

Do Insects Sleep?

Which Insects live the longest?

Which animal is the best at long-distance running?

Who invented the electron microscope?

What is the longest distance a human can run without stopping?

What is the longest living insect pet?

Deadliest Animal on Earth

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