Daily Science Fact-What happens if you touch a Poisonous Frog?

Wednesday, September 21, 2016
Would touching poisonous frog kill you?

Will I get sick if I touch a poisonous frog?

You may get very sick if you touch several species of dart frog. 
The Golden Poison Frog has enough toxin to kill 10 humans. However, a  Black-legged Dart Frog is nice to look at but can make you feel poorly but is not as dangerous as the Golden Dart frog. 

golden poison frog

This frog gets its name from having dark legs.  Only a tiny portion of its poison can cause fevers, excruciating pain, seizures, and, possibly, death by respiratory and muscular paralysis.

The golden poison frog's skin is densely coated in an alkaloid toxin, one of a number of poisons common to dart frogs (batrachotoxins). This poison prevents its victim's nerves from transmitting impulses, which can lead to heart failure or fibrillation.

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