Study Challenge-Take small daily steps to improve your grades

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Study Challenge Playlist

Improve your Grades with small steps each Day

Introduction Welcome to the 15 Day Tiny Steps Stuy Challenge. The goal is to learn the 5 pillars of school success with daily tiny study habits. The 5 pillars are school organization, workspace, time management, study aids, and test preparation. By the end of the challenge, you will work on each of these areas.Day 1 Three things you must do with your school agenda everyday-Tiny Steps Study Challenge-Day 1 
Today we will focus on setting up your school and agenda and how to use your school planner to improve your grades.

Day 2 A simple system for turning in your homework 2 introduced the homework folder. This simple tool helps to organize your homework in order to help you never have a zero for a homework grade.Day 3 Memory Aids Day 3 introduced two memory techniques that you can use to memorize anything at school. The two memory aids are the body stations and Journey method. Day 4 Goals Today we set two simple goals. One goal was a study goal and the second was a school goal. Goals are important because they provide focus. Day 5 Today’s study challenge focused on distractions while you study. Specifically, today’s study challenge focused on trying to identify distractions while you study. Day 6 Organizing your notebook In today’s study challenge the focus is organizing and cleaning out your notebook. Day 7 Learn to be proactive at school Becoming proactive means you plan ahead and anticipate future events. Being proactive can lower stress and increase your effectiveness. Day 8 Creating Mind Maps Mind maps are a great way to condense your notes and create a visual picture of your notes which can help study them more easily for a test. Day 9 Learn to work smarter not harder In today’s challenge, you will focus on working smarter not harder. However, how do you work smarter not harder? You can use the acronym SAT which reminds you to survey what you are currently doing, then adjust in order to create improve what you are currently doing, and finally test what you are doing in order to see if you are improving. Day 10 Making an outline In today’s challenge we talked about converting notes and sections of your textbook into an outline. Creating an outline forces you to make connections between topics and once completed gives you a product that is easy to study for a test. Day 11 Memorize with stories Increase your effectiveness will you study by memorizing using stories. Take what you need to memorize and convert this into a story. It is fun and very effective. Day 12 Increase your study Effectiveness Increase your study effectiveness by looking over this list of 45 study tips and picking just one new study tip to start working on tomorrow. Day 13 Learn to maximize your study breaks. Learn to maximize your study time by setting a timer and setting mini study breaks. Day 14 Develop an attitude of gratitude when you study You can take simple steps towards developing an attitude of gratitude by finding one item each day that you are thankful for at school. Day 15 Today we are focusing on actively studying instead of studying
Here are all of the videos in one playlist.Study Challenge Playlist

Supercooled water demonstration

Supercooled water is water that has few impurities cooled below freezing. In this Science demonstration, I use ice, salt, and purified water to create an instant stalagmite.
Anyone can repeat this at home. Here is all you need.
Distilled or purified water
Rock salt
A plastic container
Place the bottled water into the mixture of water, ice, and rock salt and allow this to cool for 20 minutes.
Place an ice cube on a plate and slowly pour the supercooled water on the ice and see what happens.

Cone rolls uphill? ( Center of gravity demonstration )

Monday, January 21, 2019

Simple Science demonstration to demonstrate center of gravity.

Asexual Reproduction

Friday, January 18, 2019

Learn about types of Asexual Reproduction

Reproduction with one parent

Properties of exponents

Learn the Properties of Exponents

Middle School Tips for 6th Graders

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Middle School Survival Guide

X and Y chromosomes explained

Friday, January 11, 2019

Learn about the x and y chromosomes.
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