Rules for rounding Numbers

Monday, June 24, 2024

 If you need to round 65.44 to the tenth place, do you round the 4 to 5 or leave it as is?

You can use this simple statement to help with this.

Four or less let is rest

Five or more raise the score

So with this example problem you look at the 100th place and it is 4 so you keep the 10th place the same.

65.44 = 65.4

Now let's round 76.568 to the 100th place.

Look at the 1000th place, it is 8 which is five or more so it becomes ....

76.568 = 76.57

Round 62.5789 to the 10ths

Look at the 100th, and it is 7 so five or more raise the score so 62.5789 rounded to the 10th is 62.6

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