Simple Science Demonstrations

I teach 7th grade Science. I have always felt that students enjoy hands-on activities and these activities enhance the curriculum and make the class more enjoyable. My goal is to create a Science demonstration video each week. My goal is that any teacher could use this demonstration in class, or a student could recreate the demonstration at home.

Learn about Science variables by using the experiment " Walking Water"

Learn how to extract DNA from a banana. I go over step by step directions and all of the ingredients you need.

Properties of light-Total Internal Reflection-Simple Home Experiments
Learn how optic cables work with a simple laser.

When water becomes supercooled it can create instant ice. Watch the video then create your own instant ice.

Learn why this cone appears to roll uphill ?

When you burn steel wool something happens. The mass actually increases instead of decreasing. Why does this happen?

In this video, I show three density experiments that you can perform at home or if you teach you can easily set up at school.

My school has a science night every year and this demonstration has always been a favorite among the students who attend. 

Learn what happens when you mix cold and warm water.

Learn how convection . currents are created in this Science demonstration.

Try this simple experiment with an egg in order to see diffusion at work.

Learn how to create an instant cloud in a bottle.

In this video, I show how to set up and complete 5 easy but interesting science demonstrations that you can easily complete at home or in your classroom.

Use this simple Science demonstration in order to teach about thermal conductivity.

Why do chip bags shrink in a microwave?

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