Top 10 Math Cheats

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Top Ten Math Cheats

The following is a helpful list of math cheat sheets. I have included a short explanation of the topics covered in the cheat. If you practice some creative copying and pasting, I’m certain you can create a great cheat sheet tailored just for you or your class. Please leave a comment or a link if you have a great math cheat sheet that you have found helpful, we can all use the help.

math cheat sheet

1. This is probably the most viewed cheat sheet on the web. It is linked all over the place on the web. Here is a brief list of topics covered, arithmetic operations, inequalities, absolute value, complex numbers, radicals, log properties, square roots, and factoring.

2. This site has a large number of cheat sheets and covers a wide variety of topics including Calculus,Pre Calc,Math.
3. This sheet was put together by a high school math teacher and covers over forty topics. The following is a partial list of topics covered, binomials, axioms, expressions, inequalities, polynomials, monomials, and many, many, more. This cheat includes information and an example of each topic.

4. Pauls online notes. This is a goldmine of awesome cheat sheets for Math.
5. This is a great cheetsheet for fractions.

6. This cheat is dedicated to transformations. This cheat sheet is neat and tidy and covers reflections, rotations, dilations, and translations.

7. This cheat is a list of basic geometry formulas. This geometry cheat sheet has over seventy formulas listed. This cheat sheet covers the area, volume, surface area, area of the base, distance formula, equation of a circle, heron’s formula, and many more.

8. This cheat covers solving equations. It is very neat, nice colors, and well done. Topics covered include, integer rules, solving equations, distributive property, combining like terms, and solving equations.

9. This cheat covers geometry topics and includes points, lines, linear pairs, vertical angles, right angles, parallel lines, transversals, angles of triangles, types of triangles, and more.

10. This study guide is for college algebra but I’m sure much of this is used in high school. Here is a partial list of topics, properties of exponents, quadratic formula, parabola,logarithm, absolute value inequalities, radicals, and several additional topics.

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 If you have additional resources please share them in the comments below. It helps everyone.

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