Simple Machines 10 Facts

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Work is the amount of energy necessary to move an object. The further you move it, the more work is required. Simple machines allow you to do the same work with less effort.

 Simple machines are all around you. 

These bikes incorporate three simple machines.

a bike is a simple machine

There are 6 simple machines

  • Lever
  • Inclined plane
  • Pulley 
  • Wedge
  •  Screw 
  • Wheel and Axle

If you start looking around you will find these simple machines in your everyday life.

1. A bicycle uses several simple machines including levers, wheel and axel, screws, and pulleys.

2, A skateboard ramp, and steps are examples of inclined planes.

3. The main function of a wedge is to change the direction of the input force. For example, if we drive a nail into a board  the nail acts like a wedge and  will redirect this force outward, causing the nail to go into the wood and sometimes split the wood

4. Scissors are a combination of a 1st class lever and a wedge. 


5. An ax is an example of a wedge.

6. A screw is essentially a long inclined plane wrapped around a shaft.

7. A wheelbarrow is a 2nd class lever and a wheel and axel working together..

8. Everyday pliers use a 1st class lever to increase your gripping power.

9. An inclined plane is used in ramps in order to help move heavy objects upward.

10. A hockey stick is a 3rd class lever that allows you to strike the puck with great force.

hockey stick 3rd class lever

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