Types of Levers with Examples

Sunday, December 25, 2022

Levers are simple machines that we use in everyday life.

 Levers include three main objects, an effort,a load, and a fulcrum.

The fulcrum is the object in which the force pivots.

Levers also cpme in three classes, first,second, and third class,

An easy way to remember the different classes is to use FLE then 123.

types of levers

  • The F stands for Fulcrum.
  • The L stands for Load
  • The E stands for effort.

The 1,2, and 3 stand for the different classes.

You then look for what is in the middle. 
If the fulcrum is in the middle it is a 1st class lever.

1st class lever
Examples of 1st Class Levers

See Saw
Oars on a Boat

If the load is in the middle then you have a 2nd class lever.

2nd class lever

Examples of 2nd Class Levers

Nut cracker

If you have the effort in the middle then you have a third class lever.

3rd class lever

Examples of 3rd Class Lever

Hockey stick

So just remember FLE and then 123 to remember the classes of levers.

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