How do you share your kindness? #shorts

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Kindness multiplies Kindness

We share our kindness in different ways. I personally many times will share my kindness by giving my time.
A parent of one of my students last year shared her kindness by giving away gifts. She gave the teacher of her daughter shirts, gift cards, and food.
Some people like to give cards with words of encouragement.
How do you like to show your kindness to others? You are more likely to share kindness with others if you can discover how you like to share your kindness. 
Just remember, kindness has an impact on the people around you.

spread kindness

Questions to think about

How do you like to share your kindness with others?

Think of the last time someone took you to lunch and paid for your meal? How did that make you feel?


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