Kindness Does not mean weakness #shorts

Friday, October 1, 2021

Kindness multiplies Kindness

Kindness does not mean weakness. It takes disciple, self-control, and focus in order to be kind. I know my default mode is to be grumpy, curt, or rude. Anyone can choose to be kind. Think of kindness as a good habit that you are going to practice each day. Like any other habit the more you practice the habit the more it becomes ingrained in your personality. I have run for most of my life. My daily run is so ingrained in my personality that I don't even think about my daily run. Taking small steps like saying thank you or please, or opening a door for others are small steps you can take to begin to practice the habit of kindness.

be kind

Question to think about

What are two things you could do today to be kind to someone else?

Think of the last time someone did something really kind to you. How did this make you feel about this person?


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