70 Ways to be KInd to others

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

 At MooMooMath and Science, I always end my videos with the phrase " Kindness Multiplies Kindness."  In my Youtube short# above, I challenge people to be kind to others for ten days in a row.
If you agree to the 10 day challenge your kindness will be multiplied as you spread your kindness to others.

Here is a list of 70 ways you can be kind to people around you.

1. Send an encouraging text to a friend
2. Respond to texts or email promptly
3. THINK before you post on social media
    True Helpful Inspiring Necessary Kind
4. Give your teacher candy to hand out
5. Let others cut in front of you in traffic
6. Clean up your mess
7. Never make fun of anyone or anything
8. Be tolerant of religious beliefs and color of skin
9. Be a generous tipper
10. Listen to the opinions of others before making a judgment
11. Tell people happy birthday and give them a note or card on their birthday
12. Acknowledge the people no one else does. Like the person sitting alone at the lunch table.
13. When the light turns green, give the car ahead sometimes, before honking
14. Allow oncoming vehicles access to the road ahead of you
15. Offer to lend a hand if someone is struggling with a large item or piece of luggage
16. Be a courteous driver
17. Take your dog for a walk
18. If you find something that is not yours, turn it in
19. Pick up after your dog
20. Compliment the people around you
21. Encourage the people around you
22. Offer to pick up your friend's tab
23. Call your grandparents just to say hi
24. Make someone laugh
25. Write a kind note to someone
26. Complete a chore without being asked
27. Talk to the person who appears lonely at any gathering
28. Listen to others with the goal of listening and not responding
29. Call someone and listen to them. No advice, No judgment, Just listen
30. Visit a friend who has been ill
31. Send someone a greeting card
32. Give compliments freely
33. Tell people you are happy to hear from them.
34. Cheer for others
35. Speak up for others who may be missing, if the conversation turns against them.
36. Take someone to lunch and pay for their lunch
37. Decide to use a kind voice
38. Make the decision to not argue
39. Do not get upset or react when someone else is not kind in traffic
40. Offer someone your seat
41. Frame a photo memory and give it to the people in the video
42. Volunteer for an event
43. Ask someone if they want to go for a short walk and just listen
44. Thank others for their time
45. Compliment often
46. Show up when you say you will
47. Be kind to yourself
48. Learn to love yourself
49. Put your phone away and give someone your full attention
50. Don't gossip
51. Say please and thank you
52. Leave a nice note on social media
53. Ask new people to be in your group during class.
54. Give someone some positive feedback
55. Say thank you often
56. Share with others
57. Randomly text a nice message to family and friends
58. Let someone go ahead of you in-line
59. Write a thank you note
60. Say " I love you " to the people you love
61. Talk to someone at school you have never talked to before
62. Be happy for other people
63. Help a teacher out by not talking when they are giving instructions
64. Tell your teacher thank you at the end of class
65. Don't complain
66. Don't interrupt people
67. Tell your bus driver thanks for the ride
68. Put other people's interests above your own
69. Volunteer to do the tasks no one else wants to
70.  Don't make fun of other people for your own personal gain

Take the kindness 10-day challenge. Complete some act of kindness for 10 days in a row. At @MooMooMath and Science, we end our videos with kindness multiplies kindness. In each of my #shorts I like to tell a quick Kindness story in order to inspire myself and others to practice kindness. Acts of kindness make a lasting positive impact on the people around you. You can find all of my kindness stories in this playlist.


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