The Kindness of Dwayne " The Rock" Johnson #shorts

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Kindness multiplies Kindness

Dwayne " The Rock" Johnson is a megastar and has been part of many fun movies. I watched a clip of him telling a story of how when his family was struggling financially a friend of his bought him a car.
In the same clip, it shows how years later "The Rock" was paying back his friend's kindness by giving him a brand new truck.
This is how kindness works. When you send out kindness it will come back to you. The fun part is that you don't really know how it will return to you but it will. The friend of "The Rock" had no idea that he was going to become famous and wealthy, he was just being kind to his friend. He didn't buy him a car because he wanted something in return, he just wanted to help out. However, in the end, he got a $25,000 dollar truck in return for the junker of a car he bought "The Rock."

Be Kind

Questions to think about

Think of the last time, someone helped you in a very hard time in your life. How did this make you feel towards them?

What does " Kindness multiplies Kindness" mean to you?


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