The Seven best Decimal Math Songs found on YouTube

Sunday, January 17, 2016
7 Best "Decimal Math" songs

 The seven best songs about decimals found on YouTube.

top 7 decimal math songs

Decimal Song by Heath

This fun video covers the basics of a decimal, and how to add and subtract decimals. This is a fun, introductory video on decimals, and how to add and subtract, and you will find yourself humming the chorus later in the day.

The Rappin' Mathematician Decimals

As the Rappin mathematician says, “the itty bitty dot is a math sensation, move it to the right, and the numbers get greater, move it to the left, and the number gets smaller.” This decimal song covers the basics of decimals, and how to add decimals. By the end of the video, you will remember when adding decimals to “line up the dot, and give it all you got."

Line 'em up (decimal song) | Mister C

This decimal song covers how to add decimals. When adding decimals you need to line the decimals up, and as the song says, “ shift them to the left, shift them to the right, it doesn’t really matter which way you shift them, get em lined up, to get it right. ”  Nice, fun song on adding decimals.

Ordering Decimals Song: Comparing Decimals On A Number Line, Rap Video

I just love this decimal song by NumberRock. The song covers how to compare decimals on a number line. For example, which is larger .102 or .099? The video is really well done, the song is upbeat and fun, and the video is great. The chorus says, “a number line, can make visible, the place value of any decimal.” Check this decimal song out.

Operation: Decimal Operations

This song covers the various operations of a decimal. This is a really well-done video and combines short film clips, math problems, and music video-style clips. The song covers how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals.

Decimal Operations, Baby! (Addition & Subtraction) Full Song

This video explains how to add and subtract decimals. It is a little goofy, but that is what makes it fun and entertaining. Here is how the creators of the video describe the video, “5 tired teachers. 1 corny song. "Call Me Maybe" Parody for Decimal Addition & Subtraction.”

SWOOP There It Is: Dividing Decimals

Need to know how to divide decimals? The first couple of lines of the decimal song will help, “When you got a problem with a decimal divisor. Gotta know how to divide if you're gonna be wiser. First, multiply divisors by a power of ten. If it's got two places, gotta swoop it again." I like this decimal song and video. It was created by several teachers that make decimals fun, and entertaining.

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