The 5 Best Videos on Rounding Numbers

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The 5 Best Videos on " Rounding Numbers"

How do you round 5.67 to the tenths?
If you don't know the rounding rules this can be frustrating.

These 5 videos will help. 

Rounding top 5. videos

This video by MooMooMath covers the basic rules of rounding, works several example problems, and has a jingle to help "5 or more raise the score."

This video has 1.7 million views and is very helpful. The people at Math Antics always do a great job in making Math seem easy.

This video by the organic chemist is helpful and is geared for adults who maybe forgot how to round. The teacher at organic chemistry has a gift for teaching.

Five or more raise the score, four or less let it rest. By the end of this video, you will not forget this saying about rounding. It is set to the tune of, "we will rock you."

If you need to get your class moving or need hand motions to help remember the rules of rounding then this video will be helpful.

I hope you can find a video to help you learn how to round properly with this list. I provided a variety of teaching techniques from songs to just basic teaching.

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