How to Read and Write a Decimal

Friday, April 17, 2020

How do you read 24.076?
If you follow a couple of simple rules it can be really easy.
Decimals are used to measure small amounts and small objects like the width of a hair. Your hair is only zero and four-hundredths of a millimeter wide. Ants are only zero and 75 hundredths of a centimeter in length.

Let's review a couple of items that will help when reading and writing a decimal.

Decimals are to the right of the decimal point.

Instead of increasing by ten times the number like numbers to the left of the decimal point do
numbers to the right of the decimal point are ten times smaller.
Notice that there are no ones involved with these numbers to the right of the decimal.

You start at tenths then hundredths thousandths, and so on. Notice the "th"  at the end of each decimal place name.

A decimal number has three parts.

A whole number, a decimal number, and a fractional part.

In order to read a decimal start at the far left. 
1. At the decimal point say "and"

2. Then read the number after the decimal point. 

3. The last step is to say the name of the place of the final digit.

Let’s read the decimal number 2.54.

Two and 54 hundredths

Remember the ths at the end.

Let's Read 0.5

 Zero and 5 tenths

How about 0.0363?

 Zero and three hundred and sixty-three ten thousandths
72. 4 
Seventy-two and four-tenths.


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