Cell City Analogy-Learn the Cell Parts

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Cell City Analogy

The cell organelles work together to help keep the cell alive. They have been compared to the organs of a human body. In some ways, they are similar to different parts of a city and how these different parts must work together to keep the city working properly.

Let's take a look at several of the organelles and compare them to parts of a city. 
  • Cell Wall found in plant cells is a large wall that surrounds and protects the city.
  • Cell Membrane are doors in this wall that allow materials to pass in and out of the city
  • The Nucleus is the town hall because it contains the DNA which is the instruction manual for the city.
  • The Mitochondria provides energy for the city during cellular respiration, therefore, it is similar to a power plant.
  • The Endoplasmic Reticulum is passageways for the cell that repackages and moves material around the cell, therefore, the ER can be represented by roadways.
  • Ribosomes receive information from the nucleus on how to make proteins. They are protein factories and can be represented by small manufacturing centers.
  • Golgi Bodies are like distribution centers because they receive packages from the ER and repackage this material and send new packages out into the cell.
  • Chloroplasts which are found in plant cells convert sunlight into energy in the same way solar panels convert sunlight into electricity.
  • Vacuoles are storage sacs much like a trash can or a water tower in a plant cell.
  • Lysosomes are organelles that digest materials in the cell. They could be represented by waste treatment plants or portable toilets. 

In order for the city to work properly, all parts must work together and do their part. In the same way the parts of the cell which are called organelles must do their part to keep the cell alive.

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