Faces Edges Vertices-3D Shapes- Euler's Geometry Formula

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Additional Resources for "Faces, Edges, Vertices."

Enjoy this general website, one video, a worksheet, and two additional resources covering faces, edges, and vertices.

Geometry video covering 3D shapes and the definition of a face, an edge, and vertices.

It has over 140,000 views.

Math is Fun-Faces-Edges-Vertices
Lots of pictures and very clear explanation of 3D shapes and important definitions.

Face-Edges-Vertices Worksheet
Very colorful and helpful worksheet from Mathworksheets 4 Kids. Just download and print.

Number of Vertices Calculator
This calculator will calculate the number of vertices from the number faces of a 3D shape.

Detailed list of 3d shapes
Enjoy this list of 3D shapes and their properties.

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