Top 10 Triangle Foldables found on Pinterest

Thursday, March 5, 2015
From the first time I saw Diane Zike's book on foldables I have embraced them as a teaching tool, and have used them successfully in my class. Over the years I have found that they are a great way to organize material, are easy to transport, and can be fun to create. Here is my list of the top ten triangle foldables found on Pinterest.

Paper protractor  This triangle fold-able takes a rectangular shaped paper and creates a protractor. The website has a nice one minute video detailing how to fold the paper.

pinterest triangle foldable number 1/foldable protractor

 Triangle Vocabulary Foldable  Use this foldable to learn or review basic triangle geometry. I have found that students keep up with foldable more successfully than just regular notes, and they are helpful for reviewing the material.
Define and list the different types of triangles

Triangle Foldable 2D Notes   This foldable can help turn notes or definitions into a 2D experience to help students understand the different types of triangles and their properties. The foldable can also be used to measure angles.
Triangle foldable found on Pinterest

Pythagorean Foldable shaped like a triangle  Learn the Pythagorean Theorem,create a handy foldable, and learn the properties of a right triangle. All of this from a piece of paper.

pythagorean theorem foldable shaped like a triangle

3rd Grade Triangle Foldable   Use this foldable with 3rd graders to help them learn the properties of triangles. If time permits you can decorate the foldable, have students quiz each other, or cut out triangle shapes for each type of triangle.

Congruent Triangle Foldable This is a TPT product ($2.00), but it well done,teaches about the properties of congruent triangles, and could save you the trouble of creating a foldable from scratch.
triangle foldable covering congruent triangles found on Pinterest

Pythagoras, O Pythagoras foldable  This is a great foldable for helping everyone have a visual picture of the Pythagorean Theorem.

Triangle Foldable/Pinterest

Angle Sum Theorem   This foldable helps students understand the angle sum theorem but manipulating the triangles that they fold and cut. There is a link provided that provides very helpful directions.

triangle foldable found on pinterest

Triangle Foldable   Foldable for help with learning special segments of a triangle.

triangle foldable/special segments

Triangle Sum Theorem Foldable This foldable creates over 20 angles and helps students understand the triangle sum theorem. The angles created include linear pairs, vertical angles, and perpendicular lines.

triangle foldable

Please leave a comment if you have a triangle foldable idea, or if you have used one of these foldable successfully.

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