7 shortcuts for solving fractions in record time

Saturday, March 11, 2017

7 shortcuts for solving fractions in record time

I work an example for each shortcut listed below in the video. Here is a brief description of each tip.
Tip Number 1 - The Criss Cross Method allows you to add fractions without finding the least common multiple. Tip Number 2- A modified version of adding fractions without finding an LCM, but it does not involve cross multiplying. Tip number 3- The Keep Change Flip method is a great shortcut dividing fractions. Take the first term and keep it. Then change to the division to multiplication, then flip the last fraction. Tip Number 4- What is the name of the fraction bar? It is called the vinculum. Tip Number 5- The Ladder method which is also called the cake method is an easy method for finding the lowest common multiple and the greatest common factor. Tip number 6- The circle method turns a mixed number into an improper fraction. Tip number 7- Memorize the decimal equivalent of major fractions. In the video, I show 12 important fractions and the decimal equivalent of the fraction. We all know how important it is to memorize our multiplication tables. In the same way, memorizing these fraction decimal equivalents will save you time, and more important will help your understanding of fractions

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7 simple shortcuts in order to make working with fractions a little easier.


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