PEMDAS Top 5 Resources for Teaching the "Order of Operations" in Math

Monday, August 8, 2016
In order to solve many problems in Algebra correctly, you must follow the correct order of operations.
In order to memorize the correct order many people use,
PEMDAS stands for, 

PEMDAS is a nice mnemonic device in order to help you remember the correct order of operation.
You can also use " please excuse my dear aunt sally."

Let's take a look at the top 5 resources found on the internet to help you apply the correct order of operations.

This Math video has 4.3 million views and likes outnumber dislikes 49K to 3K.

This is a great Math site and they do a great job of presenting Math material. This is my go-to Math website.

This is a free download along with a video that suggests using GEMS instead of PEMDAS. This is a helpful resource.

A nice free infographic covering the "Order of Operations"

A free printable crossword puzzle covering order of operations.

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