Best YouTube Channels for SAT Math

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Top 8 YouTube Channels for SAT Math

A huge fact of life for anyone wishing to attend college is they have to take either the SAT, ACT, or both. The good news is that there are lots and lots of free, helpful resources to help everyone prepare for the test. 
This list of the best Channels for SAT Math should help you improve your SAT and ACT score.

Top 8 channels help SAT

Radical Prep  No channel description. This channel focuses almost entirely on SAT test prep. They have a large library of SAT Math videos. Here is a sample of one of their videos below.

Mindfish SAT Prep  Their channel description: "Learn powerful tips, tricks, and strategies for the SAT."  The Math videos work problems directly from the Official SAT test prep book. They don't give the name of the book, but they hold the book up and give the page number. The videos are clear and give good solutions to the problems. Example video below.

Reason Prep  Their channel description: " The most comprehensive SAT & ACT prep videos on Youtube!" This channel has over 70 videos dedicated to the SAT Math section. The videos cover vocabulary specific to the SAT, formulas, and also work sample problems. Most of the comments are very positive.

Skype Test Prep Their channel description: "Skype Test Prep was created by a group of professionally trained tutors looking to offer a perfectly global model for group classes and private tutoring." Like the other channels, they have several videos covering the Math section of the SAT and they have a couple videos that contain practice problems that you work out and it is timed. No words, just a problem, and a timer. This is a helpful practice for working problems under pressure.

Kaplan SAT Act Test Prep  Their channel description: "Welcome to Kaplan Test Prep's PSAT, SAT, & ACT Channel where you can find hundreds of test strategy videos to help you score higher on Test Day. The Math videos are well done, and have great test strategies, example problems, and are the most professional-looking videos of the SAT Math channels.

PatrickJMT  His channel description "
I like math and I like sharing my understanding of it.
Trying to empower people with a bit of math know-how! It IS a challenging subject but it is just so, so beautiful and amazing as well!
* Most popular supplemental math education channel on Youtube, based on views and subscribers *"
The reason that his channel is so popular is that he is a gifted teacher. His videos are no-frills, but very helpful. This channel is not SAT exclusive so you will need to type in "SAT" in the search on his channel to find all of the SAT videos.

SAT Math Whiz  His Channel description "A free library of SAT Math lessons, courtesy of SAT Math Whiz Online Tutoring Service. Have a Yale-educated SAT Math specialist tutor you online using special video-conferencing software "  The channel provides videos that cover all of the areas tested on the Math section of the SAT including Geometry, Algebra, Percentages, Functions, and all of the other main topics. Warning, although his Math is good, many of his videos have crowd noise in them and it can be distracting.

Educator Their channel description " is an online learning website that enables you to achieve your learning goals." This YouTube channel has over 35 Math videos to help you prepare for the SAT. This channel covers every Math topic covered on the SAT. Each video includes clear instructions and many sample problems. For best results type in " SAT Math" in the channels search.

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