Top 10 Science Experiments found on YouTube

Saturday, February 23, 2019
Science experiments can be really fun. Easy Science experiments that almost anyone can complete are even more fun. Check out these videos of easy, fun, Science experiments.

This video has some great experiments with simple objects found around your house. In one experiment a paperclip is straightened out and folds back just by placing the paperclip in water.  This video has over two million views because it is very entertaining.

2 easy science experiments

I included this video because the demonstrations are easy but interesting. The first experiment involves passing a chopstick through a balloon, and the second experiment is creating invisible ink with a lemon. This video is nice because it gives step by step directions.

I like this video because it gives good directions, the experiments are fun, and you can probably find every item you need at your house. 

This video has over 7 million views. The reason is that the experiments are simple, and the directions are very clear. This video is well done and educational. Enjoy

This video by 5 minutes crafts is great. I really like it because it includes one of my favorite labs I have my students complete and only involves starch and water. Watch the video, grab some corn starch and water, and have some fun.

This video has an amazing 87 million views. It falls somewhere between hacks and experiments and each demonstration involves matches. It really is a fun video.

Everyone loves balloons and this video gives you 5 easy demonstrations or experiments that you can complete with balloons. I feel this video will inspire you to try a couple of these experiments.

I choose this video by Whizkid science because almost every house has eggs and it will inspire you to start experimenting and learn something. These 5 egg experiments should inspire a child to play around with eggs.

I included this video for the experiment in which a picture is shredded. Each time the picture is shredded a duplicate is created. Check it out, it is fun.

Learn how to create a light bulb with just pencil lead, batteries, and a glass jar. Most people can find these objects at home and using the directions in this video anyone can create a lightbulb.


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