MooMooMath provides free video lessons, tips, and resources in Pre-algebra, Algebra, Algebra 2, and Geometry along with a summary of each video lesson.  Under each summary is a practice link that takes teachers, parents, and students to free, interactive websites that reinforce each concept.  The site is organized by the new national initiative called the Common Core.  Along with the Math video lessons we provide students, teachers, and parents Math resources, study tips, and motivational videos. Please take a look at our site and give us some feedback.MooMooMath

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  1. Good afternoon!

    The information in the recap of this video is incorrect. It mixes up incomplete dominance and codominance. Otherwise the video is great!


  2. You explain quite nicely a that a quantity is a prefix then a unit. Hence the kilo-gram, and milli-meter. Why does a kilo-meter become a kilom eter. What is kilom, what is an eter, what is a centim- eter, what is a kilog-ram? Please help me, I am really confused and your tutorial did not help me.

    Jim Dixon


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