A Guide to Improving Your Grades

Monday, December 25, 2023

Here is a simple plan that will help you stay organized, learn to be proactive, and apply new study habits. Here is how it works. Take about 10 minutes a day,watch the video as apply what it asks you to do.

Here is a breakdown of each day.
Day 1. Restock your pencil pouch and backpack. Here are some suggestions to help keep you well supplied.
Sharpen pencils, replace notecards, replace any missing materials.
Items you should have in your pencil pouch. Pencils Colored pencils Eraser Notecards Day 2. Read over the list of 5 memory tools and see if you can apply any right now. Mnemonics Journey Method Mind map Song Picture
This video go over these memory techniques.
Memory Techniques for School https://youtu.be/SKmI5me-GdY
Day 3. Learn to be proactive
What is one activity you can complete know that will make your life easier in the future? Example: I hung up a key hanger. I use this everyday so I can always find my keys. A couple more examples,
Lay your clothes out the night before. Look over your agenda and note if you have any tests coming up.
Each of these activities are proactive and help you keep from being reactive. Day 4 Watch the video on 45 study tips and apply one this week.

Day 5 Review your current study goals and add one new study goal . Here are several example goals. I will start my homework within 1 hour of getting home. I will review class notes within 24 hours of taking them. I will start a study group. I will study at least 1 hour every day.
These are just examples of some study goals.
Day 6 If you use 3 ring binders go through all the papers in each of your notebooks.
Follow this rule
Only handle them once You will either file in the correct section Set up an archive box and either put the paper in the archive box or throw the paper away.

One thing I learned from teaching almost 30 years is that if you can use a spiral notebook for your subjects it is easier and more effective that a 3 ring binder. Day 7 Read over your reflective questions and add one new reflective questions from the list that you like. The first time you will pick one reflective question and write this reflective goal in your agenda.
Examples of reflective questions.
What do I need to do today to help me achieve my goals tomorrow? Do I focus on what is important? Do my friends make a positive or negative impact on my life? What is my next step to achieve school success? What can I do to improve? Day 8 Do a random act of kindness for someone and remember kindness multiplies kindness. Day 9 Clean out your backpack using DIRT

D Dump everything out.
I Inventory what you have.
R Repack your backpack.
T Throw out all your thrash
Day 10 Take a Rest


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