What is Momentum?

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

What is momentum? 

An airplane that in the sky has momentum, a baseball in motion has momentum, a stationary car does not have momentum.  
You can think of momentum as mass in motion, any object that is moving has momentum. 
You can use the following formula to calculate momentum.
P = Mass x Velocity

 P stands for momentum. Mass is a scalar measurement and velocity is a vector so is momentum a vector or a scalar measurement? 
Momentum is a vector and has both magnitude and direction.  
The most common unit of measurement you will find momentum is kilograms times meters per second. kg x m/s 
The kilogram measures themass and meters per second is for velocity. 

Let's look at an example momentum problem.

A 1300 kilogram car is moving at a rate of 5 meters per second, east. What is its momentum of the car?  
 1300 x 5 = 6500 kg x m/s east 

A hundred kilogram  person is running at a rate of 9 meters per second west. 
What is the momentum of the runner? 
100 x 9  = 900 kg X m/s west


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