Naming Rules for Binary Ionic Compounds

Monday, November 14, 2022

Naming Binary Ionic Compounds 

First, binary means to so you have two elements. The first atom or cation is going to be a metal the second atom or anion is a non-metal.
Some metals that have different oxidation states that follow slightly different rules. 
I'm not going to cover that here.
When you name ta binary ionic compound the metal is always first and then the non-metal is second and just add IDE.  

In this example, you have sodium which is a metal bonded to chlorine which is a non-metal and it becomes sodium chloride. 

sodium chloride

Next you have sodium fluorine, the sodium is a metal and fluorine is a non-metal and it becomes sodium fluoride. 

sodium fluoride

Magnesium and oxygen and it becomes magnesium oxide. 

magnesium oxide

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