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Friday, April 29, 2022

The Okefenokee swamp is the largest “black water swamp'' in north america.

Let’s use this large wetland in order to help us understand the difference between an organism, a population, and a community.

The Okefenokee swamp is home to many plants and animals.

You will find alligators, water lilies, pitcher plants, raccoons, rattlesnakes, spiders, along with many more plants and animals.

okefenokee swamp

An organism is any organic,living system that functions as an individual entity

Examples would include an individual spider or bullfrog,  water lily, or a raccoon.

gator an organism

A population is defined as a group of individuals of the same species living and breeding within a given area.

In the swamp this would include the population of alligators,or turtles , or water lilies.

population water lillies

Finally, a biological community is  All of the populations living and interacting within a particular geographic area 

biological community

This would include all of the different plant and animal species found within the Okefenokee swamp,

In fact the community of okefenokee swamp includes 621 species of plants growing in the swamp, 39 fish species, 37 amphibian, 64 reptile, 234 bird, and 50 mammal species.

Population Size


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