How many legs does a millipede have?

Friday, March 18, 2022

How many legs does a millipede have?

Do you think millipedes have 1000 legs, a million legs or around 300 legs?

Millipedes have some of the most legs in the animal kingdom. Millipedes are arthropods which mean they are segmented and have an exoskeleton.

Millipedes are different from centipedes because they have four legs per segment and centipedes only have two legs per segment.

The number of legs a millipede will have varies, depending on the species. 

Most species of millipede will have 300 legs, sometimes a bit more. The millipede species Illacme plenipes has up to 750 legs.

illacme plenipes

A millipede’s leg count will depend on the number of segments, not its body length.Millipedes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can have 12 segments or over 300 segments. Most millipedes are black or brown in color but several are brightly colored.

So I guess the answer to our original question would be it depends on the number of segments the millipede has but most millipedes have around 300 legs.




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