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Thursday, November 4, 2021

Kindness Challenge Day 4 - Just say thank you

Today's suggestion is to just say thank you to the people around you. This simple gesture begins to reprogram your brain to think kindness. At the end of practice, you can say thank you to your coach. At school, say thanks at the end of your class to the teacher. I know as a teacher I rarely had students say thanks at the end of class. I also know it gave me a little encouragement when a student did say thank you to me and I was always impressed with this student. 
This simple gesture shows kindness to others around you and tells other people that you value them.

be kind to others

How do you feel when someone says thank you to you?

Make a list of 5 people you could say thank you to today.

At  @MooMooMath and Science, we end our videos with kindness multiplies kindness. In each of my #shorts I like to tell a quick Kindness story in order to inspire myself and others to practice kindness.

Acts of kindness make a lasting positive impact on the people around you.

You can find all of my kindness stories in this playlist.

The 10-day Kindness Challenge Playlist


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