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Thursday, November 11, 2021

Are you aware that the brain has the ability to modify its connections or re-wire itself? In other words, it is constantly changing and possibly improving.

Your brain is not a static part of your body and due to the property of plasticity, it can change, learn new material, and even become more efficient. Help keep your brain happy and stimulated with these 14 brain-boosting activities 

Number 1 Learn to play a musical instrument like the guitar or the drums. Learning how to play a musical instrument stimulates the brain and reduces harmful stress

 Number 2 Feed the brain with this healthy shake of bananas, blueberries and kale. the berries have been proven to help keep the brain happy. 

Number 3 Learn to speak a new language think of learning a new language like exercise for the brain it strengthens the brain and helps prevent long-term memory loss

Number 4 Try brushing your teeth with the opposite hand. Learning a new tasks helps to stimulate the brain which is good for your brain.

Number 5  Solve puzzle-solving puzzles and riddles or math problem is a great exercise for the brain.

Number 6  Learn a new dance routine. This task helps reduce stress, stimulates the brain, and increases your heart rate. All three of these activities are great for your brain and your health. 

Number 7 Memorize numbers This could be birthdays of important family members, phone numbers, the digits of pi. This will stimulate the brain and you will find that you will get much better at memorizing numbers.

Number 8 Take time to meditate daily. Meditation has been found to increase gray matter in your hippocampus and prefrontal cortex.

Number 9  Go for a walk by yourself with a friend or a pet. Exercise improves many cognitive functions in your brain and increases your ability to deliver oxygen to your brain. Exercise will do the brain well and has been found to improve the executive function of the brain. Your hippocampus will say thank you.

Number 10  Send a thank-you card or a private message to one of your friends or family members to help lower your stress. Giving back to others is a great de-stressor. Stress causes your cortisone levels to increase which can have a negative long-term effect on your brain.

Number 11 Learn a new vocabulary word each day. Similar to memorizing numbers, it is an exercise for the brain.

Number 12 Try to find a new use for an item that you normally recycle or throw away. 

This task requires creativity which strengthens and stimulates both sides of the brain.


Remember Kindness multiplies Kindness

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