All about Clouds-Four types of Clouds

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Four Types of Clouds

One of the first things we notice in the sky is clouds. They can be wispy, look like cotton balls, or appear in sheets or layers.

Let’s first take a look at four primary types of clouds.

4 types of clouds

Cirro is Latin for "curl of hair." These are wispy clouds or may even look like fine hair.

Cumulo is Latin for heaps or pile are often detached and are fluffy or look like cotton balls.

Strato clouds which mean layers, appear as sheets or layers. 

Nimbo clouds which is Latin for rain and are layered and produce rain.

Clouds can also be classified by their altitude.

cloud height

Cirrocumulus, cirrostratus, and cirrus clouds are high clouds.

Altocumulus, altostratus clouds are medium in height.

Cumulus, stratocumulus, stratus, and nimbostratus, are low clouds.

The four types of clouds and the names of clouds can help give you a clue about what the cloud will look like.

Cirrus are feathery and may bring fair weather in the immediate future.

cirrus clouds

Cirrostratus clouds are going to be wispy and layered, and are found high in the atmosphere. 


Cirrocumulus will be wispy and fluffy and often bring fair weather for the near future. 


Altostratus alto clouds are medium in height clouds and also appear as sheets, and

if these clouds blow in from the west and are lowering then a warm or occluded front is approaching and it may rain in a few hours.


Altocumulus are medium height and like the name says will be fluffy and may indicate a thunderstorm within six hours.


Stratus clouds are layered clouds that may bring drizzle or light snow.

Stratocumulus will be layered and a little fluffy notice the cumulus in the name these clouds do not bring precipitation and the weather will most likely not change much in the time being.


Nimbostratus clouds will be rain-bearing and will be in sheets.


Cumulus clouds are fluffy clouds that bring fair weather if there is no vertical growth.

Cumulonimbus may bring thunderstorms clouds and bring rain, lightning, hail, and maybe tornadoes.


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