What are cardinal directions and a compass rose?

Friday, November 13, 2020

Let’s learn about cardinal directions

Why? .... well let’s see.

Time for a road trip. Your directions say to start at the center of the 48 states near Lebanon Kansas. Then drive north until you reach the next border then turn and go west until you reach another border and then south to the middle of the next state.

Where do you end up?

cardinal directions

In order to navigate these directions, you need to know your cardinal directions.

The cardinal directions are found on maps and compasses and can be found on a compass rose. Here is one example of a compass rose.

compass rose

What are the different directions found on a compass rose?

An easy way to remember this is to use Never Eat Soggy Waffles

If you go in a clockwise manner you get North East South West

cardinal directions

Between north and east, you can add northeast, between east and south you add southeast

Between south and west add southwest and final between west and north add northwest

These are intermediate measurements.

cardinal directions

So Remember, Never eat those soggy waffles to stay on the correct path.

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