Top 7 Videos on Overcoming Obstacles

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Top 7 Videos on Overcoming Obstacles 

If you are trying to accomplish anything in life you will face challenges. I love the podcast “ How I Built This with Guy Raz” which interviews people who start many of the companies we are familiar with. In every episode, I’m amazed at the number of obstacles these people must overcome to reach their goals.

For example, Sal Khan of Khan Academy quit his high paying job to start Khan Academy and after 5 months he had no large donors, a mortgage, and bills to pay, was so worried about his finances he literally couldn’t sleep. But he faced these obstacles and overcame them.

Overcoming obstacles

Overcome Obstacles-TedEd
Almost everything TedED does is high quality. The message of this video is to focus on what you can do, not on what I can't do.

Derrick Coleman Hopes to Inspire Kids to Overcome Obstacles
The hearing-impaired Seattle Seahawks fullback teaches you to overcome obstacles with his inspirational memoir, "No Excuses."

Overcoming Obstacles for Students
Learn four practical steps to help with overcoming obstacles.

The boost students need to overcome obstacles | Anindya Kundu
How can disadvantaged students succeed in school? For sociologist Anindya Kundu, grit and stick-to-itiveness aren't enough; students also need to develop their agency, or their capacity to overcome obstacles and navigate the system.

Successful People Who Overcame Obstacles
Learn about household names that had to fight and overcome very challenging obstacles. You will learn that even the most successful people had to overcome challenging events in their road to success.

Overcoming Obstacles
A fun and motivating animated video about overcoming obstacles.

Overcomer Animated Short | Hannah Grace
A short animated film on overcoming obstacles. This is a great and moving video with 6.6 million views.

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