How Glasses Work to Correct Vision

Friday, September 4, 2020

How do glasses work?

You may be a person who needs glasses in order to see properly.
You may be farsighted ( hyperopia) which means you can see objects far away, but objects close up are blurry. This condition is created because the lens of the eye focuses the light beyond the retina.

vision defects
A convex lens is usually used to correct this condition.

convex concave lens

A convex lens is thicker in the middle than the edges. As a result, it refocuses the light and moves the focal point closer to the retina so that objects appear in focus.

When you are nearsighted (myopia) objects near to you are in focus and objects far away appear blurry.
This is because the lens of the eye focuses the light in front of the retina.
Concave lenses are used to correct this condition. A concave lens moves the focal point further away and directly on the retina.

In the video, I use a laser pointer and several different types of lenses to demonstrate how the focal point is moved either further away from the retina or closer to the retina. 

how lens work demo

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