Transparent Translucent Opaque ( WITH EXAMPLES )

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Transparent material allows visible light to pass through it. Some of the light may be absorbed, but it is possible to see objects through the material.

Translucent materials allow some light through them but it is scattered so it is impossible to see a clear image through the material.

Opaque materials don't let light through them at all. The light is either reflected or absorbed.

transparent translucent opaque

This material at A is transparent and you can see the car clearly.

The material at object b is translucent and the image is not clear.

The material at C is opaque and you cannot see the car.

This pool is half transparent and half opaque.

Opaque vs transparent

A transparent bottle is clear.

A translucent bottle is cloudy.

An opaque bottle is dark and you cannot see through it.

One more example!

Transparent opaque windows

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