Speed Distance Time Triangle ( DST Triangle )

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Speed Distance Time Triangle

DST triangle

The DST for the distance, speed, time triangle makes calculating distance speed or time easy.

The triangle works for problems like this.

What is the speed of a boat or an ATV that is traveling at 25 miles an hour?

How long will it take to go 100 miles if you travel at 7 miles per hour?

The DST triangle can be used to calculate each of these.

First, circle what can you need and then either divide or multiply the numbers that you are given.

dst sample problem
For example, this boat is able to travel 125 miles in 10 hours.

What is its speed?

 First, circle the speed because that's what is needed.

 The distance is 125 miles and the time is 10 hours so I will divide 125 miles which is the distance by 10 and that gives me 12.5 miles per hour. 

If a motorcycle is able to travel at 55 miles an hour for three hours how many miles will it travel at the end of three hours?

calculate spee of motorcycle

I need distance so I will circle it. My speed is 55 and my time is three so I just multiply 55 times 3 and that equals the distance of

165 miles. 

Finally, you're traveling on a road and you need to reach a destination 120 miles away. 

If you can travel at 40 miles an hour how long will it take? 

Circle time because that's what I need. My distance is a hundred and twenty miles and my speed is 40 miles per hour.

Divide 120 by 40 which equals three hours.

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