Middle School Survival Guide

Friday, July 10, 2020

Middle School Survival Guide

You can survive middle school and actually enjoy it.
Here are ten tips that I have learned from 25 years of teaching middle school that will help you in these middle grades. These tips will help you improve your grades and excellent students practice most of these strategies.

The 10 strategies for not only surviving middle school but having success in school.

1. Use an agenda daily 2. Learn to plan ahead. In other words, learn to be proactive with school and life. 3. Learn memory hacks
Here is a video that is a good starting point for memory hacks
4. Pick good friends 5. Set goals 6. Always turn in your homework 7. Exercise 8. Get enough sleep 9. Read 7 Habits Highly Effective Teens 10. Be nice

If you can practice these 10 habits or tips on a weekly basis then you will do well in school. These habits are not easy, but very important.
In addition, you can do additional research on YouTube on these habits.

These videos will help.


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