Landforms created by Erosion.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Erosion is the process by which sediment and other materials are moved from one place to another. There are four main agents of erosion, wind, water, ice, and waves.
A deposition is a geological process in which sediments, soil, and rocks are added to a landform or land mass.
Erosion and deposition have taken place throughout Earth’s history and have created a variety of landforms.
What landforms have been created by erosion?
Canyons and valleys pause
Canyons and valleys are created by the flow of water. As the water moves, it erodes rock and sediment from the streambed.
The steeper the river or stream the greater the erosion force. 

Erosion and deposition can form a flat area called a floodplain

When a stream empties into a body of water such as the ocean, an estuary, a lake, or reservoir. It’s current slows and sediment is deposited. A fan-shaped pattern is formed called a delta that can be created. 

An alluvial fan is created when the stream flows onto land. They are sometimes associated with flash floods. These fans typically form in mountain regions where there is a rapid change in slope from high to a gradual slope. When the land flattens out the flow of water loses energy and deposits sediment in a fan shape.

A meander is a bend in a river. The faster-moving water on the outside cuts into the bank. On the inside of the curve, water moves more slowly and deposits sediment. Sometimes a stream may cut a new channel that bypasses the meander. This cutoff meander may form a lake called an oxbow lake.

Groundwater can also be an agent of erosion
The groundwater dissolves and carries rock away and may create a cave.
If the roof of the cave collapses it may create a sinkhole.
The world's largest sinkhole. A sinkhole in Egypt is considered the largest in the world. It measures a staggering 80 kilometers long and 120 kilometers wide. Yes, that is kilometers not meters.

If you would like to know more about landforms this playlist you may enjoy this playlist.


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