Igneous rock Textures

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Phaneritic igneous rocks have crystals larger than 1 mm. You could describe the texture as coarse because of the larger crystals.

Aphanitic texture  The name tells you about this texture.
a = not
Phaner = visible
These rocks have very fine small crystals that are smaller than 1mm in size.

Porphyritic igneous rocks have distinct differences in the size of the crystals, with at least one group of crystals obviously larger than another group.

Glassy rocks look like the name suggests no crystals and the texture of glass.

Vesicular are igneous rocks with bubbles created when these rocks cooled very quickly. Vesicular rocks can be mafic or felsic in color.

Pyroclastic rocks are a mixture of rock fragments, pumice, and volcanic ash. The ash is very fine-grained, so only the rock fragments and pumice are identifiable. A rock with a pyroclastic texture is termed a tuff if it has small fragments, and breccia if the fragments are larger in size.

In summary
6 Igneous Rock Textures 

Phaneritic: Large crystals

Aphanitic: Small crystals

Porphyritic: Different sized crystals

Glassy: Look like glass

Vesicular: Have bubbles

Pyroclastic: Rock fragments

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