6 Plate Boundaries

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Plate boundaries occur where two tectonic plates move either away from one another, away from one another, or beside one another.
Convergent Plate Boundaries occur where tectonic plates move towards one another.
Divergent Plate Boundaries occur where tectonic plates move away from one another.
Transform boundaries occur when the plates move beside each other.

This chart will summarize each of the Plate boundaries.

Oceanic / Continental

Type: Destructive

Movement: Oceanic plate subducts underneath the continental plate

Result: Earthquakes, Trenches, Volcanoes 

Example: Lascar volcano located in the Andes

Oceanic / Oceanic

Type: Destructive

Movement: Older Oceanic plate subducts underneath the younger oceanic plate

Result: Earthquakes,Trench
Island Arc

Example: Aleutian Islands
Continental / Continental

Type: Collision Zone

Movement: Continental plate and a continental plate collide into one another

Result: Mountain Ranges

Example: Himalayan Mountains
Oceanic / Oceanic

Type: Constructive

Movement: Oceanic plate moves away from another oceanic plate

Result:Sea floor spreading,trench,new crust formed

Example: Mid-ocean ridge
Continental / Continental

Type: Constructive

Movement: Continental plate moves away from another continental plate

Result: Rift valley

Example: East African Rift Valley

Type: Conservative Plate Boundary

Movement: Tectonic plates slide past each other

Result: Earthquakes

Example: San Andreas Fault

There are several mechanisms that cause the plates to move.


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