15 Facts about Plate Boundaries-Divergent-Convergent-Transform

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

15 Facts about Plate Boundaries

Plate Boundaries help create Mountains, chains of islands and create Earthquakes.

Divergent boundaries pull huge tectonic plates apart.

Convergent boundaries push tectonic plates together.

Transform boundaries cause Earthquakes.

Transform boundaries occur when tectonic plates slide past each other.

Convergent boundaries can create mountains when continental and continental plates collide.

Continental plates colliding into oceanic plates can create volcanoes over the land.

The oceanic lithosphere is denser than the continental lithosphere.

Divergent boundaries create the mid-ocean ridge.

Divergent boundaries create new lithosphere as the plates move apart from one another.

The African Rift valley is an example of a divergent boundary.

Transform boundaries like the San Andreas fault may create Earthquakes.

The tectonic plates sit on top of the asthenosphere.

Subduction occurs when oceanic crust moves underneath the continental crust.

Mount Everest was created at convergent boundaries.


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