Why Chattanooga is a great place to visit

Monday, April 8, 2019

Why visit Chattanooga?

Chattanooga is a mid-sized town located among the mountains in Tennessee. Chattanooga is a great town to visit and explore One reason I enjoy Chattanooga so much is the friendly vibe it has. It just feels like the people and the city want you to visit. Little things like a free shuttle, it is very clean, and the people are friendly.

In addition, there are great historical buildings to see lots of restaurants to visit and explore and it is very bike and pedestrian friendly. I recently stayed for two days in the city and didn't get in my car once. We walked or rode a bike everywhere. Let’s take a look at some things to do in Chattanooga

Tennessee Aquarium

The city has an amazing aquarium. In fact, it is two aquariums that sit beside each other. Freshwater and saltwater. I have visited the aquarium over 20 times and see something new every time. It also sits right next to the I max so you can watch an  I max movie as part of your aquarium tour.

Bike Sharing

Next, rent a bike. For 8 dollars you can rent a bike and ride them from one station to another. There are over 40 stations which allow you to see the entire city. This is fun

Chattanooga Lookouts

The Chattanooga Lookouts is a minor league team of the Cincinnati Reds. They play from April to early September. It is a relaxed minor league baseball atmosphere.

Creative Discovery Museum

If you have younger children they will love the Creative Discovery Museum. The museum contains art, music, and science areas, along with a water-themed zone called RiverPlay, a rooftop exhibit, and an inventor's workshop,


I like to walk around cities so I love the Riverwalk. The sidewalk runs right next to the river and is very pretty. You can also take a riverboat tour. The Southern Bell has sightseeing tours and daily tours.

Walnut Street Bridge

You can also walk across the Walnut Street bridge. The bridge was opened in 1917 but now allows only bike and foot traffic.
Once you cross the bridge you can go to Coolidge park The park has large fields, a carousel, and a great sidewalk by the river. This is a great place to eat lunch, play frisbee, or just relax

You can also visit the zoo
 The Chattanooga Zoo is located inside Warner Park. Warner Park has a small loop you can run or walk on and a nice playground for young children. The Zoo is growing and I saw lots of excited children. The zoo has a nice petting area for younger children

There are lots of local places to eat like the cupcake bakery or even see a movie if the weather turns nasty.

In addition, you can drive 15 to 20 minutes to raccoon mountains, visit caverns, or go to lookout mountain.

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