Types of Epithelial Tissue and helpful resources

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Types of Epithelial Tissue

Our skin and inside linings or organs are made up of epithelial tissue. These tissues line, cover, and help organize your body.
Epithelial tissues line cavities and cover surfaces of vessels and organs.
They protect us from the outside world, make up the lining of the stomach and intestine, help the kidney filter blood and form glands and their many secretions.
Epithelial tissues do not have blood vessels but can soak up nutrients from blood vessels in connective tissue underneath. These tissues are also very good at regeneration.

They also help protect us from sunlight and pathogens they're
involved in secretion of sweat, hormones and even mucus they also are
involved in absorption in the stomach and in the lungs and the absorption of oxygen and co2 epithelial tissues are also important in sensation and how we touch and feel our
Epithelial tissues are divided into several different types and are
classified by both their shape and the number.

Squamous tissues are like pancakes because their width is greater than their height.
You will find these in the lungs and the blood vessels.

Cuboidal tissues have a width and height which is the same, which creates a shape like a cube.
Many times you find these tissues in ducts and secretory portions of glands and in kidney tubules.

Columnar tissues are just like a column because their height is greater than their width.
You find these in the digestive tract and possibly the trachea.

Epithelial tissues can also be classified by their number.
Simple epithelium tissue creates a single layer of cells.
Stratified epithelium tissues are stacked up cell layers.

Additional Resources for Epithelial Tissues

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Note: This is a TPT activity and is not free. I have no association with the resource, however, it is a great resource.


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