Learn Science Variables with the Walking Water Experiment

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Walking water is a fun experiment that you can use to teach or learn all about Science variables.
In this video, I show how to set up the demonstration " walking water."'
In addition, I go over the major types of variables found in an experiment. These variables include the independent variable, dependent variable, and control or constant variables.

In the experiment walking water paper towels are set in cups. In addition, every other cup is empty. Food coloring is added to every other cup. In order to introduce the independent variable, I used two types of water. I used freshwater and saltwater.
I then let it sit for several hours.

In order to demonstrate the dependent variable, I measured the amount of water moved to the empty cups.

The control variables are variables that should be kept the same. These include the same cup, the same amount of water, and the same paper towels.

You can remember the variables using
Dependent Responding Y-axis
Manipulated Independent X-axis

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