How to Expand and Condense Logarithms ( Basic Log Rules )

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Learn how to expand and condense logarithms.

The first property you will learn about is the product property.

If the base of each logarithm you can condense into one logarithm by multiplying. the logs.

The  Quotient Property states if the bases are the same you can subtract the two logs by dividing.

The Power property states if you have a coefficient you can move the coefficient so that it becomes an exponent.

I next work several examples problems in which I use the logarithm rules to condense two logs into one.

Video Guide

0:18 Product Property

1:10 Quotient Property

2:15 Power Property

2:46 Example problems in which you condense into a single log

6:45 Example problems in which you expand the log

13:14 Condensing a natural log with three terms example problems

19:04 Using logs to evaluate a log sample problems.


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