Georgia Math Standards 6th Grade Unit 5

Tuesday, August 25, 2020
Math Videos covering Georgia 6th Grade Geometry Standards

I have created a Math video to help with almost every 6th grade Math standard in Georgia. Below you will find the videos related to the Geometry Unit in Math.

Geometry math standards

State Standard MGSE6.G.1 
Find areas of right, equilateral, isosceles, and scalene triangles, and special quadrilaterals.

Area of an isosceles triangle

Area of a right triangle using Pythagorean theorem

Find the area of a triangle

Properties scalene triangle

Area of a quadrilateral

State Standard 
Find areas of composite figures and polygons by composing into rectangles and decomposing into triangles and other shapes.

Area of a composite figure

Area composite figure

State Standard MGSE6.G.4 
Solve real-world and mathematical problems involving area.
Decipher and draw views of rectangular and triangular prisms from a variety of perspectives.

Recognize and construct nets for rectangular and triangular prisms.

Surface area triangular prism with net

Surface Area Triangular Pyramid- Includes net of the shape

Surface Area of a Square Pyramid-Includes net of the shape

Total Surface Area of a Cylinder- Includes a Net

The Big Picture
Find the surface area of rectangular and triangular prisms by using manipulatives and by constructing nets. ( See the videos above )

Solve real-world problems that require determining the surface area of rectangular and triangular prisms.

Measure and compute volume with fractional edge lengths (like ½ of a unit) using cubic units of measure.

Find the volumes of right rectangular prisms by substituting given values for their dimensions into the correct formulas.

Make the connection that finding the volume given the length (l) x width (w) is the same as the base (B).

Solve real-world problems that require determining the volume of right rectangular prisms.

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