Life Science Week 2

Sunday, August 13, 2017
This year begins year 25 teaching middle school life science. Each Sunday I give a quick summary of the previous week. I include my learning target and resources students used outside of class to reinforce what they are learning at school. It is kinda a modified flipped classroom.

Summary week 2

Learning Target: We will create a "Biome in a Box" in order to learn the characteristics of the Earth's terrestrial biomes.

We introduced new vocabulary on Monday and completed an interactive notebook activity on Biomes. This year I'm using a resource from Nitty Gritty Science. 

We then began an activity in which students create a miniature biome in a shoebox. The students really enjoy creating a biome.

Resources I used this week.

Review quiz on Biomes
Game code: 875231
1. Open in your browser
2. Enter the 6-digit game code  875231 , and click “Proceed”
3. Now enter your name and click “Join Game!”
4. You will get an avatar, and then see a “Start Game” button. Click it to begin!


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