Physical and Chemical Changes

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

How is a physical change different than a chemical change?

When you have a physical change, no new substance is created. However, when you have a chemical change a new substance is created.

When you mix mentos and diet coke does a physical or chemical change occur ? This one's tricky, it's a physical change

mentos coke

It is a physical change because it is basically a mixture of sugar and carbon dioxide and no new substance is created.

A physical change occurs when matter changes forms but not its chemical identity. 

Examples include changes in size, shape, and phase changes. 

A chemical change involves electrons being exchanged and a new substance is created. Most likely you will see an indicator such as a change in temperature, bubbles, a new color, or an explosion.
Let's take a look at some examples and see if it's a physical or chemical change. 

physical change

Breaking a piggy bank is a physical change and you have a change in size and shape only.

Fireworks exploding is a chemical change and you can see several indicators like change in color, temperature, and an explosion, so it is a chemical change.

When you mix hydrogen gas and flame you get an explosion and a change in temperature. It is a chemical change.

chemical change

When you are cutting, folding, or breaking an object and only changing the size or the shape you have a  physical change. An example would be cutting hair.

When you mix sodium and water you will see a change in temperature and a change in color therefore, this is a chemical change and a new substance is formed.

chemical change

All phase changes like an object melting and turning from a solid to a liquid is a physical change.

physical change

If you can separate a solution like a solution of salt and water, then you have a physical change. 


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