10 Weird Animals

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Take a look at these weird animals found on land and in the ocean.
Pink Fairy Armadillo
This small armadillo is found in Argentina. It is unique because of its body covering. First, it is pink, and second, the leathery outer shell is attached only by a thin membrane and is much more flexible than many armadillos. In addition, this armadillo has fur to help keep it warm. They live on ants, worms, and snails

Aye Aye
This interesting looking animal is actually a lemur. It is nocturnal and has a weird method of hunting. First, the Aye-aye chews a hole in a tree. Next, it has a long middle finger in which it sticks in a hole and catches grubs. This is kinda what a woodpecker does.

Irrawaddy Dolphin
This dolphin looks like a mix between a killer whale and a dolphin. This dolphin has a short blunt head and long broad flippers. It feeds on crustaceans, fish, and cephalopods.

The Fossa
This animal that resembles a cougar is found on the island of Madagascar. It is adapted to hunt in trees and likes to feed on lemurs. It has claws like a cat but they are not fully retractable.
It has a head similar to a mongoose and a tail as long as it’s entire body.
Star-nosed mole

Yeti Crab
Besides their appearance, what makes these crabs weird is their diet. They feed on bacteria released from hydrothermal vents found underwater. They move their claws back and forth and feed on the bacteria. In addition, they are scavengers.

Soft- shelled Turtle
These turtles have shells but they are much more flexible and soft than a traditional turtle. This allows them to move more quickly on land. They can breathe underwater but can live on land. They eat fish but can also hunt on land and eat birds.

Japanese Spider Crab
These crab found in deep water look like an alien has landed on earth. These crabs are weird, and perfect for my weird animal video.They have the longest legs of any arthropod and can stretch 18 feet from claw to claw. They are found in waters off  the coast of Japan

Pacu Fish
This fish found in South America is a cousin of the piranha. What makes this fish bizarre is its teeth. They look like our bottom teeth. This allows them to hunt and kill other fish.

Bush Viper
This snake found in Africa has an amazing ability to blend into the environment. It is beautiful and deadly. This snake likes to hang down from a tree and ambush the prey which can be frogs, birds, or other snakes.

Blue Parrotfish
What makes this beautiful fish unique is its mouth. The teeth of parrotfish are arranged and shaped so that it forms a beak. Yes, a fish with a beak like a bird. In addition, this fish will create a cocoon of mucus for protection when it sleeps at night


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