Resources: 11 Major Organ Systems

Monday, February 6, 2017

Resources to help you with the 11 major organ systems.

This video above goes into the 11 body systems and gives a brief explanation of the function of each system.

****  Organization of the Human Body

This site has a helpful video and additional information on the systems of the human body.

**** Organ systems of the human body

This video goes over each major system and provides pictures and describes how each ststem helps keep the body alive.

**** The systems of the body

This video is created for elementary students and is a great introductory video. This video has over 230,000 views on YouTube.

**** Organ system flashcards

This site provides flashcards to help you learn the major organ systems.

**** Major organ systems Prezi

A nice Prezi on the organ systems that gives the function of the system and which organs are involved.


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